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40.71, -73.95, 28/02

chalk, light
piano from Música Callada by Federico Mompou
duration: 0'46

London 2017


A Day of Tall Visions and Political Stealth in the Mostly Picaresque Lives of Moko & Loupe
with music by s i n k
duration: 18'00
watch YouTube trailer (0'46)

London 2013

Harmonograph (with an Indian love brick)
duration: 3'09

harmonograph: Tim Vincent-Smith
London 2011

iterations upon a sleeping human

Iterations Upon a Sleeping Human
duration: 1'20

Further Iterations Upon a Sleeping Human
duration: 1'35

London 2009

The Chinese Dream (internet tv trailer)
duration: 2'09

camera: Tim Vincent-Smith
London 2008

Emily Linen (excerpt)
short film element from Until I Get My Gorgeous Wings
duration: 3'53

cast: Emily Randall, camera: Bridget Stacey
Lepe 2006

Beijing Rising
duration: 3'27

with Neville Mars and the DCF
Beijing 2005
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all films written and directed by Adrian Hornsby
except Beijing Rising by Neville Mars, Adrian Hornsby
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