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Adrian Hornsby (b. 1977, UK) is a writer who sees stories as music and time in landscapes. Moods range from the subversively funny to the malevolently beautiful.

Adrian’s writing covers a rich kaleidoscope of forms and interests. The book Disruption in Action tells seven inside stories of global companies in full-tilt pandemonium (winner of the ‘Smart Thinking Book of 2023’ and a Handelsblatt top 10 book of the year). The opera As Big As the Sky, created with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Dutch composer Arnoud Noordegraaf, is about an architectural project to turn the world upside down. Urwald is a film thriller about consciousness; A.M. a love story about sound. And I Piano is a kids’ show about a piano that has lost its music and a little girl who wants to help find it again.

Adrian’s approach to fiction and non-fiction alike is to combine high-level concepts with acute observation. Or put another way, he writes about ideas using parts pulled from life. Works have won multiple awards, toured internationally, and been translated into seven languages.


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