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Trust me, I'm listed
Trust me, I'm listed (CGI, 2020, 2nd ed 2021)
Why the annual report matters and how to do it well
Claire Bodanis, Heather Atchison, Mark Forsyth, Adrian Hornsby, Neil Roberts, Jay Sheth, Kerry Watson
“That’s My Hat!” A Review of the Impact Readiness Fund (IRF)
review of an innovative UK Cabinet Office fund created after a G8 Taskforce initiative
commissioned by Access Foundation and Big Society Capital, published 07/2017
Adrian Hornsby
Do Right or Rongo-Rongo: Coporate Reporting in a Post-Trust World
analysis of the contemporary corporate reporting landscape from regulation to practice
commissioned by FalconWindsor, 05/2017 (proprietorial)
Adrian Hornsby
Oranges & Lemons: The State of Play of Impact Measurement Among UK SIFIs
practice review of impact management among UK Social Investment Finance Intermediaries (SIFIs)
commissioned by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Big Society Capital, published 06/2015
Adrian Hornsby, Sarah Moreau
The Good Investor: A Book of Best Impact Practice
a best practice guide for social investors providing an industry standard
commissioned by Big Society Capital, published 01/2013
Adrian Hornsby, Gabrielle Blumberg


Using Concepts, Building Narratives, And Stealing From Science

11/05/2015, Talk for The Arts Of Experiment Series, Birkbeck, University Of London, London


Talking Data-To-Data

03/11/2014, Keynote Talk for SIAA Data Conference, St Mary’s, Toronto


Soft Cataclysms

28/09/2014, Talk for Pianocity Series, Clapham Omnibus, London


How To Be A Good Analyst

11/04/2013, Talk for Oxford Jam, Ofs, Oxford


Impact Thinking

22/11/2012, Talk for The Social Impact Analysts Association Conference, Unter Den Linden, Berlin


“I Like The Way You Move,” Whispered London To Tokyo. “Yeah Right,” Tokyo Shot Back.

16/10/2012, Talk for Cities of the Future Vision Conference, House of Lords, London


Money, Value, And Something Other Than The End Of The World

03/10/2012, Talk for Ramsay Society Lecture Series, Winchester College, Winchester


A Good Analyst

30/05/2012, Talk for Inter-America Development Bank, Washington D.C.


How To Become A Good Analyst

29/03/2012, Talk for Oxford Jam, Oxford


The (Variegated) Obsolescence Of The Left/Right Divide In Britain

07/2011, Essay for Vision Italy


The Growth We Need

17/06/2011, Chair For BMW Foundation 9th Europe Asia Young Leaders Forum, London


Genetic City

15/08/2010, Chair for Genetic City Conference, Dutch Cultural Centre, Shanghai 2010 World Expo, Shanghai


Mythapplication (Abstract Concepts In Practical Use)

26/02/2010, Talk, London School Of Economics (LSE), London


Green From Scratch

07/12/2009, Talk, Shenzhen Biennale 2009, Shenzhen


The People Squared! Tiananmen: Power-Planning Beijing 1949–2009

10/2009, Feature article for The Architectural Review


Beyond Bean Counting (Toward A Practice Of Non-Financial Accounting) 

16/09/2009, Talk, ISIRC, University Of Oxford


Implosions Into An Inner Void: Global Architecture, The Credit Crunch And The Irrepressible M. Derrida

09/2009, Essay for Hunch #13, Ed. S. Frausto, Nai Publishers


Global Architecture: Implosions Into An Inner Void

05/06/2009, Talk, University Of Greenwich, London


Democracy, Sustainability And The Urban Form

28/03/2009, Talk for Kyoto Of The Cities Vision Conference, Naples


Like Rats: Democracy, Sustainability And The Urban Form

04/2009, Essay for Cluster


Before You Get Too Excited … What Are The Challenges Of Doing Business In China?

04/03/2009, Talk for Digital Business, Sadler’s Wells, London


Des(P)Lots — How Cash-Rich Regimes In China And The Middle East Are Managing Their Urban Booms

02/2009, Talk, University Of Greenwich, London


May The Water In Your Well Turn Into Black Smelly Mud, And Other Saudi Curses: An AJ Feature on Saudi Arabia

02/2009, Feature article for the Architects’ Journal


China Keep Growing! But Not Like That! I Don’t Mean Stop! Hurry Up Already! Only Grow Better! 

02/2009, Article for Urban China


Maximizing Efficiencies In The Social Capital Market

3-6/02/2009, Roundtable Of Leading Social Innovators, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio


China Keep Growing!

04/02/2009, Talk, London School Of Economics (LSE), London


The Art Of Keys: Profit And Loss In The Art Village Industry

01/2009, Article for Urban China


From Mao To Wow — How Shiny Chinese Products Got Us Into The Credit Crunch … And How They’re Going To Get Us Out Again

11/12/2008, Talk, University Of Economics, Prague


Get Your Filthy Paintbrush Off My Wall! What Does Property Means In China?

12/2008, Essay for Architecture &


Social Investment: Investing In Social Enterprises For Financial And Non-Financial Blended Returns

12/2008, Article for Philanthropy UK, A Guide To Giving, 3rd Edition, Sponsored By Coutts


The Chinese Dream, with Neville Mars

04/12/2008, Talk, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam


From Mao To Wow

3/11/2008, Talk, Winchester Economics Symposium, Winchester


UCS Question Time, with Stephen Twigg, Douglas Murray, Vivienne Parry, Philip Walters, Ceri Dingle

18/11/2008, Panel, UCS, London


What Is China Thinking?

02/11/2008, Talk, The Battle Of Ideas, Institute Of Ideas, Royal College Of Art, London


Dreaming Of Golden Clouds: An AJ Feature on Abu Dhabi

10/2008, Feature article for Architects’ Journal


China Triptych, with Neville Mars & Martijn De Waal

08/10/2008, Talk, V2 Institute For Unstable Media, Rotterdam


Asia Europe Thought Leaders, Roundtable Of “Global Young Leaders”

4-7/09/2008, Roundtable, BMW Foundation Young Leaders Forum, Park Hyatt, Seoul


Higher Horizons (But Don’t Forget Who’s Boss): Beijing Beyond The Olympics

08/2008, Article for Architects’ Journal


Is China The Economic Saviour Of The 21st Century?

12/07/2008, Talk, Battle For China, Institute Of Ideas At The Norton Rose Centre, London


China Now Urbanisation Conference

25/04/2008, Chair for China Now Conference, RIBA, London


Going Swimming — Aspects Of Social Impact Analysis

09/01/2008, Talk for Embracing The Triple Bottom Line Conference, University Of Lincoln, Uk


On Enclaves, Zones And The Urban Image

09/06/2007, Talk for Umweg Über China, Hebel Am Ufer, Berlin

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