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Make Disruption Work


We have entered a new era of technology-driven disruption, and no industry or sector will be left unaffected. For businesses, the water is heating up, and if you don’t want to get boiled, you’ll need to craft a winning strategy. But how? You don’t have to be a geek-chic millennial, but you do need some new knowledge, and the practical blueprints for its application. That’s what’s in this book.

Alexandra Jankovich & Tom Voskes
edited & illustrated by Adrian Hornsby
Spark Optimus, 2018
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‘With outstanding simplicity and deep insights, this book reveals the “how to” of digital disruption.’

– Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever


‘Disruption demystified! This book is unique: in a realm of gurus and doomsayers, it offers practical perspectives and a clear manual.’

– Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor of Strategy, INSEAD


‘A must-read for any modern-day business leader.’

– Rahmyn Kress, Chief Digital Officer, Henkel

Alexandra Jankovich and Tom Voskes, 2018
edited and illustrated by Adrian Hornsby
illustration support by Deborah Tchoudinoff
cover design and layout by Justine Miller
a Falcon Windsor team production
published by SparkOptimus
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