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Three Parts


Because a memory can be so suggestive. It can be all you need.

by Adrian Hornsby
premiere 3 Jun 2003, Sudden Théâtre, Paris

Three Parts is a study of relationships, an orchestration of interior monologues, and a tone poem for voices. By turns funny, bleak and beautiful, it explores the timing of memory and experience.

It is written in a unique form of verbal counterpoint. The actors’ lines, rather than following one another, overlay and flow through each other, like the parts of a string quartet (see).

  • 13–15 Dec 2001, Espace Créateur, Paris (Part II)
  • 3–8, 17–22 Jun 2003, Sudden Théâtre, Paris (premiere)
  • 17 Jan 2006 (as radio play), Resonance 104.4, UK
I, i. Damian McCann
I, ii.Clara McBride
I, iii. Luc Baboulene
I, iv. Georgie Davey
II, i. Mik Kuhlman
II, ii. Jerry Di Giacomo
II, iii. Martin Lewis
III, i. Emily Randall
III, ii. Damian Corcoran
directed by Tim Vincent-Smith
produced by Kilometer Zero Theatre Company
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